“Not Just A Shot – A Disc Golf Story” Now Listed On IMDb


**[Grand Rapids, MI] – [February 13th, 2024]** – Calling all disc golf enthusiasts and documentary fans! The inspiring story of professional disc golfer Scott Stokely, captured in the film “Not Just A Shot – A Disc Golf Story,” has officially landed on IMDb, the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content.

Directed by Kendrew Mueller, “Not Just A Shot” chronicles Stokely’s remarkable journey in the world of disc golf. Stokely, a legend in the sport with a career spanning over four decades and boasting 17 world and national titles, takes viewers on a captivating exploration of his dedication and the defining moment that cemented his legacy. “We’re thrilled to share Scott Stokely‘s inspiring story with a wider audience,” said Kendrew, Owner at Production Company Airbound Creative. “Having ‘Not Just A Shot’ listed on IMDb allows fans of disc golf and documentaries alike to discover this incredible tale of perseverance and achievement.”

About “Not Just A Shot – A Disc Golf Story”

“Not Just A Shot” follows disc golf legend Scott Stokely as he reflects on his long and storied career, culminating in the greatest shot of his life. From his early days playing on the world’s first disc golf course to this defining moment, the documentary offers a glimpse into the passion and dedication that fuels Stokely’s success.

Disc golf fans and documentary enthusiasts can now find “Not Just A Shot – A Disc Golf Story” on IMDb.

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